Episode 101

Permission To Be Happy

Who gives us permission when it comes to our finances and happiness?

The guys are back and this time they are here to talk about the topic of ‘permission’ – they will explore what it is, who can give it and how it links to our financial plans. TightAssTommo has a cracker of a money saving tip, so come and have a listen to the latest episode . . .

Welcomes & Introductions

the most important and influential people in financial wellbeing

Producer Tommo and his freshly painted office in new home

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What’s on today’s Podcast?

All around the concept of permissions

Tight Ass Tommo

David Lloyd and his broken shower

Tip of the week – find a bar in Spain where you can order drinks and you get free tapas for the kids!


We spoke about this topic with Joy Lere back in episode 93

Decisions are often based on others, but we should focus on ourselves

What does permission mean?

What is being given?

Respect of partners gives them permission over you

Very often the person we seek permission from is unaware of their authority

From whom do we seek permission when we want to spend money?

Whilst your financial planner doesn’t guard money, they are there for a sense check

Permission and it’s link to self-limiting beliefs

What could be a poor financial outcome?

Financial planners can often give permission with their chartered status and cold hard facts working together to give authority

Sometimes we need to give ourselves permission

A financial plan with a clear path to objectives gives us the permission to live a life with meaning and purpose

Enemies to financial wellbeing

Coaching and the IFW Certificate

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Conclusion from Producer Tommo

  • get a financial plan
  • stick to the plan!

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