Institute for Financial Wellbeing

Ovation Founder, Chris Budd and Finance Director, Tom Morris started the Institute for Financial Wellbeing.

The Institute for Financial Wellbeing is for members of the financial advice, financial planning and financial coaching community who want to improve their client’s financial wellbeing by helping them become happier and more fulfilled, not just wealthier. At Ovation we are hugely proud of our associated with the IFW and are passionate about growing to help more and more members of our community.

The guiding principles of the Institute for Financial Wellbeing are:

  • To explore and promote the relationship between money and wellbeing
  • To provide a meeting point for the sharing of ideas
  • To influence institutions that deal with consumers on a mass scale
  • To provide a resource for the financial services community to help those who cannot afford to pay for it
  • To influence financial education to focus on wellbeing

Learn more about the development of the IFW here and how Ovation were instrumental in the Institute here

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