Episode 93

Permission with Joy Lere

What is the role of permission when it comes to our happiness?

Welcomes & Introductions


What is todays podcast all about?

The guys have a chat with clinical psychologist Joy Lere, about the the role of permission when it comes to our happiness

No Shizzle Sherlock

Time is your friend, impulse is your enemy

Jack Bogle


Don’t purchase without a price tag – but you will end up with a comfy tush!

Tip of the week – navy wash, wash your clothes whilst you have a shower/bath

Interview with Joy Lere

Introduction, who is Joy and what does she do in her role as clinical psychologist?

Talking about money is still a taboo

Shaping Wealth – Providing training for financial advisers to leverage behavioural finance

Elaborating on Money is psychology

The knowing/doing gap – people run financials with more than just the numbers

What does adaptive mean when it comes to finances?

What it means for different people in different situations

What life are you giving permission to yourself to have?

How much time do you spend looking to others to give you permission

Not being aware you need permission

Mute the outside world and consider what we want, what do I really believe I deserve


Be aware that everyone else lives a story we know nothing about

What can someone do to create better financial decisions around permission

How do I know what I deserve?

Let struggle and pain live alongside joy.

Conclusions from the guys



Dr. Joy Lere is a licensed clinical psychologist and co-founder of Shaping Wealth. She has held research and clinical positions at Penn Medicine Princeton Health, Children’s National Medical Center, and the Department of Defense and has served as an Assistant Clinical Professor in Clinical Psychology at George Washington University. She earned her Psy.D. at George Washington University.



Twitter: @joylerepsyd

Linked In: Joy Lere, Psy.D.

Shaping Wealth: www.shapingwealth.com

Website: www.joylere.com

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