Episode 99

Beyond the Finish Line with Leon Taylor

Bear with us – we promise there is a link between diving and financial wellbeing!

Join us as we chat with Olympic medallist Leon Taylor about the importance of embracing the journey rather that fixating on specific outcomes. A conversation that will improve your perspective for wellbeing and possibly save you money in #tightasstommo

Welcomes & Introductions

What’s on todays podcast?

Chat with Olympic athlete and coach Leon Taylor about his experience around setting and achieving goals.

No Shizzle Sherlock

“Expect people to do well, then reinforce the positive rather than criticize the negative”

Leon Taylor

How Ovation use this in client meetings

Tight Ass Tommo

Interview with Leon Taylor

  • Whilst listening, imagine Leon is talking about our relationship with money
  • What is the Olympic village like?
  • Life goals & how it evolved over time
  • Changing behaviours for a committed decision
  • Obsession to put up with the hard for for progression
  • What happened after winning the silver Olympic medal?
  • Building good foundations for better habits
  • Focus on the enjoyment
  • Goals are finite, work on where you are
  • Set a goal, let go of it and concentrate on the process
  • Where can you start with small wins to go in a better direction?
  • Mentoring

Conclusions from the guys

If you have self limiting beliefs around money, start with small changes to build up to a big difference

A good financial planner can use coaching to help clients understand and enjoy the process of improving your relationship with money.

Leon Taylor is a former British diver and won a silver medal at the Athens Olympics. He has been a mentor for many athletes and now speaks about mental wellness along with commentating on the diving for the BBC.

Click here for more information on Leon’s book Mentor

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