The Client Experience: A Testimonial

on 05 September 2016

We love our clients. They’re why we do what we do, and helping them realise their dreams is our main motivation. You can imagine our delight, then, to receive this lovely testimonial from a long-standing client (92% of our revenue comes from clients of this nature). She’s asked us to respect her anonymity, so let’s call her Mrs. S. Here’s what she had to say about Ovation:

“I was thinking back to when I decided that we needed financial advice to make the most of our earnings and plan for our future, and how I visited a number of websites and met one or two advisers in order to choose the right one for us. I was wary of advisers who would be promoting a particular brand (which we had when we got our mortgage and were given poor advice) and I liked that Ovation promised to be objective (based amongst other things on a mutual commitment between client and company in terms of fees and annual review…). This was quite a few years ago, and since then I have had plenty of proof that I made the right choice.

Through my annual reviews I have been guided to make financial decisions that were helpful in paying up our mortgage much earlier than we otherwise would have done (with the additional help of an inheritance…), investing our savings and pensions in a more way that matches our level of risk ‘tolerance’ and generally gaining more confidence in managing our finances.

At the end of last year, when I decided to give up a very stressful job, I was very low and insecure about our financial future. My Ovation advisers sent me guidance on how to complete an annual income and expenditure questionnaire, which they were then able to use to prepare a ‘lifetime cash-flow forecast’ to help us plan for the future. I came to our meeting in December, just a week before Christmas, quite low and subdued with all my worries, but after going through the forecast with Adrian and Tom, I left feeling care free and positive. They were able to show me that our financial situation was good enough for me to take my time and enjoy life without worry for the foreseeable future. This was the best Christmas present I could get! What this process of creating the annual cash flow and future forecast did for me was to free my mind from worry, enjoy my life in the moment and ground in reality, my plans for the future.

The Ovation approach suits my own approach to life and working with people, which is getting to know the client as a person and then guiding them in thinking about their wishes, priorities and means whilst providing them with the expertise of how finance works, so it is a collaborative approach. “

Wonderful words I’m sure you’ll agree. If you’d like to receive some guidance around your finances and plans for the future, just give us a call on 0117 942 4333.

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