Ethical Investing with Georgia Stewart and Tom Morris

Tom chats on the Squanderlust podcast about putting your money to work for good through ethical investing

Ever wondered what happens to the money in your pension or ISA. How is it being invested? What do those investments do? Do they fit with your values or are you inadvertently supporting pollution, injustice and corruption?

A guest interview with Ovation’s Tom Morris, and Georgia Stewart, the CEO of Tumelo, an innovative financial technology company on the Squanderlust Podcast



This episode takes a look at how you can perform an “ethical spring clean of finances”.

Tom does some jargon busting and explains the different names for ethical investing.

And they explore the ways you can invest ethically.



The Squanderlust Podcast take a look at the emotional side of money, why our actions aren’t always as good as our intentions and what we can do about it.

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