Episode 95

4 Steps to Financial Wellbeing

What 4 steps do we need to consider when creating a financial wellbeing plan?

Another brilliant episode with an interactive twist. The guys will be exploring 4 steps to consider when creating a financial wellbeing plan with some tasks and challenges you can use to see how your finances can work for your happiness. Will No Shizzle Sherlock uncover an obvious yet overlooked financial truth? Will Producer Tommo bring a slightly unsuitable tip in #tightasstommo? Grab a pen and paper and join in on the fun!

Welcomes & Introductions

No Shizzle Sherlock

I don’t look to jump over seven foot bars. I look around for one foot bars I can step across’

Warren Buffet

Link to episode 85 – The Good Ancestor with Stephanie Brobbey


  • Taking time to think about what you are doing
  • Back to form and in no way endorsed – a money saving tip for free wifi!

Today’s Topic

Creating a financial wellbeing plan alongside your financial plan.

Interactive Exercises:

1. Where are we headed?

An exercise to help define what success looks like for us. Consider:

  • a person you know well and admire
  • a person you don’t know well but admire
  • someone famous you admire
  • define what you admire about these people
  • whittle list down to 5 attributes you admire

2. Reflecting on financial relationship

  • does your spending help you live a life which focusses on the attributes listed above?

3. Be specific about the future

  • Do the values identified point to anything specific in your future?
  • Finding the right balance between what we spend today and what we save to bring that desired future to fruition

4. Permissions

  • For a period of time, be conscious about attitudes towards money
  • Take the time to review those thoughts, anything preventing that desired future?

Conclusions from the guys

Chris Budd’s new book – The Four Cornerstones of Financial Wellbeing is available for pre-order now

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