Episode 96

Interview with Reverend Richard Coles

Exploring our relationship between money and happiness

The guys sit down with Reverend Richard Coles, a musician, writer, broadcaster and Anglican priest. Exploring his relationship with money, Richard shares his insights and experiences in a candid and thought-provoking interview. Come and enjoy this excellent episode . . .

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  • The origins of Financial Wellbeing
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What’s on todays podcast?

The Reverend Richard Coles talks about his own relationship with money, what it was like to come into lots of money when young and what Christianity has to say about our relationship between money and happiness

No shizzle Sherlock

Don’t look for the needle in the haystack, just buy the haystack. Jack Bogle of Vanguard

An explanation of index funds from Chartered Financial Planner Tom Morris to back this quote up.


  • Pay for gym membership yearly – thank you Vivian Webster. Pay annually for something you are going to use annually
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  • Upgrade your train ticket to first class with seatfrog.com – thank you Rohan Sivajoti

Interview with Reverend Richard Coles

Relationship with money when young

How downscaling at a young age shaped attitude to money

It’s better not to feel want

Enjoying the finer things in life

Money has always been in the pocket to buy stuff with – attitude is now changing due to age, experience and religion

Mirror of his fathers experience

Unifying principles around money in religions around the world?

Money has a limited effectiveness in what is can do for us

The nourishment of flying business class and how we need to be careful of this!

You never see an unhappy Buddhist monk

Tricked in paying into pension

Its not the owning of the money, its what you do with it that matters

What are the positive lessons we can take from Christianity

We don’t own stuff, we are custodians

Conclusions from the guys

Reverend Richard Coles is a former Church of England parish priest, broadcaster famous for BBC Radio 4’s Saturday Live and a best-selling author.

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