Episode 84

THE Secret to Happiness

What is THE secret to lasting happiness and how can our financial plan enable us to achieve this?

After 84 episodes, we should all know a thing or two about wellbeing and our finances – now it all comes together as the guys share THE, not actually that secret, way we can align our financial plan with lasting happiness! With the usual No Shizzle Sherlock and #tightasstommo features, along with the three steps you can follow for a happy-centric financial plan – don’t delay, dive right into this episode now:

Welcomes & Introductions

Featuring a root canal and the S1, Ep5 ‘Interesting’ episode of The Young Ones!

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What is todays podcast all about?

It all comes together in a beautiful moment as the guys reveal THE secret to happiness!




The No Shizzle Sherlock Test

Every episode they guys will take a look at a questionable financial tip – will it be insightful and meaningful advice, or from the land of the bleeding obvious!

Don’t loose money Phil Town, hedge fund manager at Rule One Investing

Whilst stating the bleeding obvious . . the guys explore how you could invest sensibly to avoid loosing money (small blurb here – individual circumstances are different, always talk to your financial adviser!!!)

Follow up question – what is a hedge fund?


Todays Topic –

Wellbeing book by Tom Roth & Jim Harter

5 areas of wellbeing:

  • career
  • physical
  • community
  • financial
  • social
We have a duty to make others happy Richard Layard

Link to Richard Layard’s book Can We Be Happier?

Link to Centre for Thriving Places

Episode 83 – Social Comparison with Neil Bage

Episode 82 -What Determines Your Self-Worth?

We should all live with a warm heart Dali Lama

The secret Revealed!

How can this attitude be linked to our financial plan?

It’s more than just philanthropy, it’s taking a look at motivations and objectives and building a financial plan with making other people happy in mind.


Conclusions from the guys

Three steps to happiness:

  • Step 2 – Happiness comes from within
  • Step 3 – Be kind to others
  • Step 1 – Have a financial plan that helps you think of these things



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