Episode 79

How to Find the Right Advice for You

What questions should you be asking when trying to find the right Financial Adviser for you?

In this special episode for Financial Planning Week 2021, the guys have a chat about the questions you should ask when trying to find the financial adviser for you. Whilst slightly controversial in places, there are plenty of top tips for you to use in your hunt for the right adviser. Joining the classic #tightasstommo there is a new feature – tell us what you think of The No Shizzle Sherlock Test!

Welcomes and Introductions

The Financial Wellbeing Bookclub!

What is todays podcast all about?

What questions should someone ask a financial adviser, in order to make sure they get the right adviser for them?

What is Financial Planning Week?

Hosted by the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment, the financial planning community come together to encourage everyone to understand their finances better. Click here to find out more and explore some useful resources


The No Shizzle Sherlock Test 🔎
Every episode the guys will take a look at a questionable financial tip

Today’s Tip – Minimise downside risk by maximising the upside


Featuring, erm, the selling of hair – Click here to visit Banbury Postisch

How sell and buy event tickets without a silly profit – click here to visit Twickets

Chris’ brush with Caerus – the Greek god of the “fleeting moment”

Todays Topic – Finding the right financial adviser for you

Are there different types of financial advice?

Is the person authorised and regulated by the FCA?

What questions should you ask to ensure the advice you get will help create a Clear Path to Identifiable Objectives?

What questions should you ask to ensure the advice you get will help Know Thyself?

Coaching skills – listening and questioning skills in order to help you understand yourself better and work out what you want from your future (not a current requirement, so not all advisers will be able to do this)

Consider how quickly a company wants to know about your or your money

The relationship between money and happiness

Do they know about the Initiative for Financial Wellbeing

Link to Episode 76 – Financial Coaching with Catherine Morgan

It all depends on what you want – you can find someone who will look specific areas, or at the whole picture of your finances

How can you check an advisers understanding of financial wellbeing?

Conclusions from the guys –

Questions to ask if you want an adviser who will focus on your wellbeing:

  • Do they do a cashflow forecast
  • Have they had any training in coaching skills
  • What to they really know about financial wellbeing

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