Episode 24

Personal Responsibility Against Financial Fraud

Join Chris, David and Producer Tommo as they discuss the common types of financial fraud and how you can spot them to avoid being scammed.  

In this podcast Chris and David offically intoduce us to Producer Tommo! Join them as they discuss the common types of financial fraud. We all know there are many different ways to be scammed out of our hard earned cash, so this podcast gives you plenty of hints and tips to spot the scams and not be tricked. Producer Tommo also gives us an insight into the world of Bit Coins along with the ever popular #tightasstommo Tip of the Week!

0:30 – Officially introducing Producer Tommo!

1:20 – What is in this podcast, cyber crime and money online

1:40 – New Feature, Wellbeing words and meanings from around the world

Finland – kalsarikännit (cal-sar-y-cuhn-eet)

3:10 – #tightasstommo Tip Of The Week

Link to The Nerdist Podcast

7:40 – Financial Fraud, the common types of fraud and what people should look out for

8:16 – Credit card fraud

10:00 – Are criminals getting more sophisticated?

10:20 – Phishing emails

11:10 – Clicking on unkown links online

11:40 – @John_Sileo on Twitter

13:00 – Be aware of giving out personal information

14:30 – Mobile phones & free wi-fi

16:00 – Information on social media

18:20 – It all comes down to personal responsibility Be Vigilant

19:10 – What money is

19.45 – Virtual money Bit Coin, Tommo explains it all

21:30 – How are Bit Coin’s worth valued?

22.50 – Is Bit Coin a currency or investment?

23:00 – Advantages of a Bit Coin system

24:00 – We would like to hear from you if you have been a victim of financial fraud to hear of your experiences.

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