Episode 2

The Wellbeing From Stuff

The Wellbeing that can be derived from possessions versus experiences

Episode 2: The Wellbeing From Stuff

In this episode, Chris and David talk about the Wellbeing that can be derived from possessions versus experiences. They talk about the relationship between money and Wellbeing, and how to use one to achieve the other.

1:26 – What’s Your Relationship To Money, Twitter @FinWellbeing. @JDLConsultants, @CashQuestions, @DoYouPunctuate, @SJTanton, @100_joanne, @postcardrohan

7:20 – The origins of Know Thyself

9:00 – What do Chris and David spend money on that makes them happy?

10:30 – Retail Therapy versus Experiences

12:00 – Owning things

12:25 – The Client who likes Art, the flat in London

14:45 – Exercise: List 5 items you bought in the last year for more than £100 – am I still getting Wellbeing from these items?

15:15 – The life changing magic of tidying by Marie Kondo https://www.amazon.co.uk/Life-Changing-Magic-Tidying-effective-clutter/dp/0091955106

15:45 – Retreasuring

16:25 – Tip, wait 2 weeks before you buy something

18:55 – An introduction to the Canoe…

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