Episode 17

Money Emotions with Simonne Gnessen

Our relationship with and our emotions towards money have a big impact as we discuss with special guest Simonne Gnessen

Our relationship with and our emotions towards money have a big impact. Whether that be our stress levels, how we live our lives and the options that are available to us. This is an area we delved in to in Episode 10 “Financial Options in Life” and is discussed further in this episode with our guest Simonne Gnessen.

Simonne is a Financial Coach and co author of the Sheconomics book. In her interview with Chris, she provides some excellent insight in to how we are effected by money emotionally and ways we can challenge our relationship to money.

As always Chris is also joined by David, where they talk what they have been up to since the last episode, discuss some of the listeners tweets and provide their own views on the episode’s topic.

0:50 Chris’ talks about meeting Maria Nedeva and her approach to paying down Debt.
3.10 Tweets from @Matthew_Sibley_ & @rpower
6:30: Interview with @simonnegnessen. Areas discussed include our relationship to money, self-limiting beliefs and the Do Something Different Organisation.
26:14 Chris & David conclude by reflecting on the points raised by Simonne


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