Episode 1

An Introduction to Financial Wellbeing

What is Financial Wellbeing and how does it relate to Wellbeing in general?

In this episode, you will learn what Financial Wellbeing is and how it relates to Wellbeing generally. You will meet Chris Budd, author of The Financial Wellbeing Book as he talks with actor and writer David Lloyd. You’ll hear a bit of background behind the book, and why Chris has decided to donate all the proceeds to the Penny Brohn UK Cancer Centre.

02:00 – Does money make you happy?

02:35 – Why Financial Wellbeing? Chris’ Journey

05:00 – What is Financial Wellbeing? – The Five Parts of Wellbeing

6:45 – Know Thyself

08:40 – A clear path to identifiable objectives

11:00 – Chris’ Story the Muzzy Head

13:35 – Control of Daily Finances

14:00 – Ontrees, Money Dashboard

16:55 – Ability to copy with a financial shock

19:21 – Financial Options In Life

20:00 – The Abandonment Of Hope

20:20 – Clarity and Security for Those We Leave Behind

21:45 – Inheritance Tax and Heritage Planning

Do you have any financial wellbeing questions you would like us to answer? Or do you have a #tightasstommo money saving tip you would like to share with our listeners?

If so, let us know by going to Twitter @Finwellbeing or email – contact@financialwell-being.co.uk

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