Employee Ownership Day 2020

on 26 June 2020

Ovation has been employee owned since April 2018. A great part of the employee ownership community is sharing experience of the employee ownership transition. Spreading the word so as many people as possible
know about how employee ownership benefits individuals,
businesses and the economy, and why – #EOistheanswer

To celebrate #EODay2020 🎉 the Ovation Team gathered virtually to answer questions about Employee Ownership:

We spoke to our founder Chris Budd, about how he found employee ownership was the answer for Ovation –

What was the first question that Employee Ownership answered, where you knew this was the path for both yourself and Ovation?

I’d been looking for that final piece in the jigsaw for several years – being able to sell at a fair value AND see the business continue for clients and employees. The EOT finally gave me the answer.

What was the most surprising question that Employee Ownership answered for you when selling Ovation?

That I would become so passionate about spreading the word about the EOT, that I would write a book and online programme about it. Never expected that when I went to my first EOA meeting!

If you think employee ownership could be the answer for you take a look at The Eternal Business where Chris has more information for you –

The Eternal Business

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