Clara Metcalfe

Financial Planner

Reasons why I wanted to join Ovation: 

For me, being part of a team of likeminded people, who share the same values and vision, is really important. Before I joined Ovation, I felt that I already had a pretty good idea of what lovely people work here based on several team members whom I had the fortune of meeting through the ‘NextGen Planners’ community. From both my own interactions and their reputation as highly active members within the community, I knew that Tom and Christiaan would be both fun and inspiring people to work with and more recently met Phoebe at one of the socials. The team are full of energy and Ovation’s passion for wellbeing, education, coaching and this as well as their community engagement is what drew me to want to be part of the movement! 

Outside work

Clara tends to “collect” hobbies. Much to the dismay of her partner, Rob, she has a room full of crafts and gadgets, as well as a garage full of sports and adventure equipment. She’s a fair weather activity kind of person (normally because this involves water or exploring) but loves trying new things, foods and seeing new places.

She loves family holidays to Tenby and France, and visiting family in the southern hemisphere, stopping off at new places on route! In lockdown she discovered “car camping” and fell in love with beautiful, sequestered parts of mid-Wales. For the colder parts of the year, she loves a gripping documentary or TV series and spends a lot of time cooking and experimenting with kitchen gadgets.

She also has a sassy Great Dane called Mango, who shares her love of snacks, naps and the great outdoors, but is known to need an umbrella escort outside when it’s raining.  

Clara in the spotlight

When did you join Ovation?

April 2023

What makes you laugh?

Silly dog videos

What makes you cry?

Disney films

Who would you most like to have round for dinner?

Ryan Reynolds

What's your favourite song to sing along to in the car?

What's Love Got to Do With It - Tina Turner

What was the first album you ever bought?

Embarrassingly "My Way" the Frank Sinatra Greatest Hits CD. I'm not sure I redeem myself with my second being "Buzz" by Steps. . . .

What was the best gig/concert you've ever been to?

Spice Girls Reunion

What's your pet peeve?

A lack of dishwasher stacking etiquette

If you could turn any activity into an Olympic sport, what would you win gold for?

Making cakes, but it's high risk/high reward sport as I could drop out in the first contest by burning them in the oven

When the dessert menu arrives, what are you looking for?

This is a difficult one . . it's hard to choose between Tiramisu, Crème Brûlée and any molten 'dense' chocolate pudding.

What's the one thing you'd like to do before you die?

Visit Machu Picchu. Perhaps in the dark?

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