Episode 95

Mastering Your Money with Paul Lewis

We delve into Paul's new book "Money Box" and he provides some top personal finance tips

We talk with special guest, financial journalist and presenter of BBC Radio 4’s Money Box, Paul Lewis. In this episode, we delve into Paul’s new book ‘Money Box’ and he provides some top personal finance tips. So sit back, relax and enjoy this fascinating conversation with one of the most respected financial experts in the country.


Welcomes & Introductions


  • garden birds
  • a shameless plug of the podcast sponsors Ovation Finance
  • an update on Chris’s new book


What is today’s podcast all about?

Talking to BBC Money Box presenter Paul Lewis about practical money tips we can all use. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Paul has become a leading voice in personal finance, providing valuable insights and advice to millions of people across the UK.


No Shizzle Sherlock

The biggest risk of all is not taking one Melody Hobson

Whilst the guys may be sitting on the fence with this No Shizzle Sherlock, you can have a listen to a previous chat about with Neil Bage in episode 36 of the podcast and decide for yourself



  • Party wine boxes
  • Holiday cruising
  • Buy and sell through Vinted / sell books through Zaffit


Interview with Paul Lewis

A chat about his new book Money Box, with practical tips you can use.


What can we do when we are not feeling ‘in control of our daily finances?’

  • look at your finances, even if you don’t want to


What are the biggest questions around finances right now?

  • cost of living crisis
  • delays in access to your money
  • wading through treacle to get issues sorted


Connections between money and happiness


Does Paul Lewis use a financial planner?

  • what can a financial planner help Paul Lewis with?
  • what makes a good financial planner?


What did Paul Lewis learn when writing the book?


Dying tidily


Conclusions from the Guys

Paul Lewis is financial journalist best known for his 30 years presenting BBC Radio 4’s Money Box show. Paul’s new book, Money Box is out now – full of top practical tips to take control of your money for everyone.


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